The blockchain of love (in greek-lish)

About seven months ago i had a life-changing event in my life. Experienced a heart attack i finally survived of.

As soon as the symptoms were addressed properly at the emergency room of the nearby health center i ran to, i was transferred to a city hospital for further examinations and treatment.

The two-days long exams included also an angiogram, that showed that i should proceed as soon as possible into a bypass surgery, an open heart operation.

Despite the shock that i got by the unexpected news,i fixed the appointment for operation after a 5 weeks and was sent home.

It took me a week to get used in the idea that i am going to have that really invasive operation that would keep me for months out of my normal activity. and a lifetime “tatoo” along my chest.

Meantime though, i was looking for second opinions, some second chance.

To make it short, finally i avoided surgery thanks to a cardiologist that suggested to me and finally operated me using stent insertion.
This operation was all i needed, in fact i would go for any alternative therapy that a doctor would suggest even if it was a placebo . Stent insertion of course is not a placebo treatment, at least not manifested as such (yet), but did i really care? i think No. I just needed a second chance to change my liofestyle into a more healthy one.

As long now i have my second chance, i follow a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking, lost weight and exercise.

Such life changing events i am sure that ignite different processes in different people.
As for myself, this experience put me in a standby mode towards locating the reasons that caused my disease which includes the events, the people, the environment, my life’s stance so far, but also delving further into what governs our lives today and what should lead them instead.

This standby mode went for some reason into an active one because of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology booming.

Seeing blockchain technology becoming eventually so popular was a positive surprise to say at least.

Open-source to me is another definition of what brings happiness.Who doesn’t feel good finding out he does not need to pay anything in money in order to enjoy a piece of software, music, art, any product. And same time, open-source creators do have the chance to make money maintaining, modifying, recreating, customizing their products disconnected from the oppressing necessity to market their products for banks-crediting money.

Open-source projects not only give oneself the opportunity to share cooperate and enjoy, but also create new opportunities for others who follow, contribute, clone, branch and expand within a network of multiple potentials , in the model nature itself does.

This makes sure that a decentralized and sustainable ecosystem is developed as a humane antipode to the current mainstream system of high-maintenance- cost selfish way of living.People can produce better things using their natural talents, and exchange them with others doing the same too.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which started all from, are in my opinion a logical product of the struggle to replace the morally outdated and corrupted monetary system currenrly in use. They enable peer-to-peer transaction, eliminating men-in-the-middle who, in our reality have put money on a pedestal instead of people and their creations.

Still, though Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies do implement the vision of a decentralized products and services exchange , the majority of the several hundrents of ICOs that surfaced over the last November’s Bitcoin’s mooning, unfortunatelly what only they reflect is the effort of the old system to corrupt the original idea of a better world.

Maybe most of them are trying to do it not consciously , but because majority of people who are trying to adopt the philosophy of blockchain, are only trained to serve their personal interest feeding the centralized capitalistic system.
As a result, many scams and fraudent ICOs were found and yet to be discovered among them.

I can recall that my perception of Bitcoin since it’s early days, wasn’t of it being another currency, but instead, the lever to help human race get rid of currencies at all.

Bitcoin is a gift of human intelligence to itself we owe to use towards advancing our civilization into next level. A war-free, disease-free, misery-free and human-from-human exploitation-free world that will entitle us to expand universally, something impossible to achieve keeping a selfish and materialistic mindset.Nature does not work as an empire, instead, nature punishes bad team-players and us humans are proved to be the worst case.

Now, let’s put it all together for this letter to make sense. And actually, let’s go back to the last appointment i had just a month ago for a routine check the team of my doctor, the one who inserted that miraculous stent straight into my heart a few months ago, did on me. The doctor himself, is a typical busy doctor with whom patients encounters are shortin time, to the point and strictly professional. And this was the man i was finally to start from, my emerging love-blockchain experiment.

Usually, after i have the various tests , i wait for him to have a short briefing at his office which never lasted more than five minutes. This also happened this time, but with a surprise i was keeping from him in the end. In fact, this was not really planned , wasn’t staged, was as emotional and spontaneous as it sounds; The moment before i leave his office with both of us standing up and in a handshake, i heard myself saying to him that after several months feeling great i feel grateful for his efforts and that i consider him and his team members as my best friends .

And then it happened what i consider as the initiating link of the “Blockchain of love”. This busy and highly professional man reacted in an unexpected and so amazing way. He opened his arms and hugged me. We hugged each other for less than 2 seconds. Then we both rushed out each one to his own way.

“So, he knows” i was thinking as i was driving back home from the clinic completely touched by those 2 short seconds. “He appreciated it” , “he has not only the expertise but also the wisdom’” and more similar thoughts were popping up in my mind putting aν unintentional smile of satisfaction on my face, though i couldn’t really explain to anyone if asked, what those thoughts exactly mean and where they are sourced in . Except if he could realize on his own.
Looks like my heart’s pathological issues became a chance for me to realize we all long for honest communication, a reward beyond money.

Instead of a new currency, another exchange system to use as a substitute of what we really need to give and take, we could instead use Love compassion itself.

I am sure that moment gave to my doctor as much happiness as it gave to me. And this is the kind of happiness that does not fade away by time. In fact it is a deep the knowledge that strengthens the confidence of feelings we all suspect at least inside.

I recall once i read that what we sell and what we pay with for, it is just love. This is why people who love what they are doing they hardly need professional marketing services unlike big companies that operate like farms of usually sad people giving up their time and creativity into things they do not really like for the sake of day-to-day survival.

But what if hypothetically readers of this article could tip online this doctor for stepping out of his comfortable distance from patient and reacting in so positive way ? Even further, what if we could tip a doctor for just doing his job, a teacher, a street worker, a cleaner, an office worker, anyone. And what if all those weren’t doing their jobs for a salary, actually what if no salary and they only did what they loved relying only on the community pay-back which doesn’t have to be money, but products and services respectively.

Even ones who are lazy and do not ever like to work, will enjoy other’s services,because this will be also worth of reward. A never ending circle of giving and taking, peer-to-peer, based on absolutely honest and credible ial witnesses ,a blockchain, the Blockchain of love.

Actually this is what quite many rich and powerful people do, just because they can, like Bill & Melinda. Why leave this happiness only to them? Why not sponsor and let ourself sponsored for the love we give back, again with love. It is a system that sooner or later will persuade even the most addictive criminal to comply with, not on the fear of any punishment, but because loving will be the only way to earn. In fact, if any of the current humanitarian foundations -that launder the untaxed money of rich people- was honest in what it does, it would support the exit from the current human-meat market, on top of which big bosses sit.

What sounds like an utopian dream, in fact is what current system based on greed, selfishness and human exploitation tries to keep our backs turned on.
All it takes to make change happen, is to break the flauless chain of centralized life distribution and join the blockchain of love, where each good act is based on another, resolved by the algorithm of Love.

And here ends the text i started writing some weeks ago, on the side of my daily busy coding job, which i was about to post on Medium, and this is when i discovered Steemit.

Steemit resamples my perception of blockchain of love o closely, that i am really surprised and also excited i was approved to have an account in it.

Sometimes , really all we have to do, is “ Ask, and you will receive”.

And here i asked, and i am now able to post this on the “Blockchain of love”!

απαίσιος τυπος / awful guy. I control this reality.